Knighthood: Hazy Track Lines Quiz

The methods below, are the unique ways of entry, into the band of ‘The Knights of The Hat of Honourable Reckoning’.

1). Guess the winning answer.

2). Once you have got the winning answer, you and all the other contestants are gathered together, and placed in the Hat.

3). The Hat of Honourable Reckoning is then shaken and an independent hand is instructed to collect three names.

4). These 3 names are then declared ‘Winner’ of that weeks competition.

5). If a person is drawn from the Hat 3 times or over they are declared a ‘Knight of The Hat of Honourable Reckoning’.

Those who  made it to Knighthood shall be featured here in this page.

The List of Knights of ‘THE HAT OF HONOURABLE RECKONING’ have at last been now been update and is as of ’13th September 2017′ as follows. The List is, from the Greatest down…

1).           WIN 20  Graham James Elias (Knight)

 2)           WIN  12  Trevor Brown (Knight)

3)            Win 10   Ian McKendrick (Knight)

4).           Win 9    Keith Bogue (Knight)

5).           WIN 9  Eamon O’Reilly (Knight)

 6).          Win 9    Zoe McCarthy (Knight)

7)           WIN 8   Gerry Murphy (Knight)

 8).          WIN 7   Ed Popowitz (Knight)

9).           Win  6    Moira O’Halloran (Knight)

10)          WIN 6   Anne Keogh (Knight)

11)          Win 5     Leigh Lonergan (Knight)

12)          Win 5    Ash Savage (Knight)

13).         Win 5    Alan Donnelly (knight)

14)          WIN 5  Dave Keary (Knight)

15)         WIN 4  Rainer Lindheim  (Knight) 

16)          WIN 3 Dave Dusch (Knight)

17)          WIN 3   Margaret Murray (Knight))

18)          WIN 3  Pascal Jezequel (Knight)

19).        WIN 3   Mike Harris (Knight)

20).        WIN 3  Jane Haslam (Knight)

21).        WIN 3  Kieran Goodwin (Knight)

22).         WIN 3  Siobhan Somers (Knight)




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