ABOUT: Hazy Track Lines Quiz


Hazy Track Lines Quiz was set up in 2016:

It’s a quiz with a difference. The questions are based on ‘The Rolling Stone’ magazine’s list of top 500 songs of all time.

Finding the Answer.

There is one written hint, its release date (Only the decade) . Plus the main visual hint. The artist’s own interpretation of the lyrics  depicting the essence of the song in the graphic drawing.

The competition is played each Tuesday. It  uses FaceBook as the main play area, and also this site. Three winning players are the pulled from the hat each week and they receive a signed print, of the current drawing. The quiz is set up for fun, for those who love their music and revel in the art of Lyric writing. As and from this week, 13th September 2016, the first 3 winners will be drawn from the Hat, as per usual and will receive their signed print, for free, in the post, (Brilliant I hear you say). In order to help finance and keep the quiz going, I’m putting up for sale the remaining 17 signed prints from a run 20, of each weeks quiz. If you would like to buy one, it’s the SHOP PAGE for you, All the Best Peter